May’s leaderboard results are in!

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

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In our first month of our new leaderboard format, we have had over 120 people having a go at getting the best score they can in 10 throws! We are proud to announce the results of May’s leaderboard for our Shrewsbury venue.


Congratulations to Ashley, who takes the gold pin badge for our inaugural month! He scored an amazing 75.


A massive well done to Ben, who bagged silver on the leaderboard, with a highly respectable score of 59!


Also hitting a respectable score of 50 is Scott B, who takes bronze on the leaderboard this month!


Joe Felgate is the winner of our random prize draw for a TimberJacks Throwing Axe. Joe was selected randomly from all our submissions, and an axe will be on the way to him very soon. Congratulations!


When you are throwing in our venues, you can enter the leaderboard for free! Just speak to a staff member, and you can have a go at getting your best score in 10 throws, for the chance to win a pin badge, and to be entered into our monthly prize draw for a TimberJacks Throwing Axe!


Our Throwing Axes Are Now Available To Buy!

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

Post created by the team at TimberJacks Shrewsbury


We are confident that everyone who steps through our doors has a thoroughly enjoyable time. Most people don’t want their session to end and would love to carry on axe throwing all day. Well, you can now at least take a piece of TimberJacks home with you, with one of our new throwing axes!

An axe-cellent axe

Our throwing axes are crafted from genuine hickory, and the handle is wrapped in hard-wearing paracord, which not only looks great, but also provides a protection layer against the wooden handle getting scratched and worn when you throw. It even comes with a head sheath, complete with our branding.

I want one! Where can I get it?

You can view our full range of throwing axes by clicking here. We offer a large choice of different coloured handles, to make your axe stand out. You can either purchase your axe online, or you can visit our axe displays in venue and make your purchase there. Our Shrewsbury venue currently has the display up and running, with the displays at Leeds, Liverpool and Kidderminster coming very soon, so keep a look out!
Our axe display at Shrewsbury - coming soon to Leeds, Liverpool and Kidderminster!


League Update: More Players Sign Up!

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

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Recently, you may have noticed our new Axe Throwing League that we have begun recruiting players for. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent additions to the competition!


Recently, six new players have joined the Shrewsbury league, all of whom are excited to throw axes competitively and are eager to get going!

Who's joined?

First up is Pree, who has joined the Shrewsbury Ravens!
Joining Pree on the Ravens team is Jack!
The Ravens is a popular team! Next on the list for them is Shaun!
Next up, joining the Shrewsbury Reapers is Kieran!
Matthew also enters the Reapers team!
Also joining the Reapers is Scott!
Our final addition is Immy, who has joined the Shrewsbury Sharks!


We would like to wish our new players a warm welcome to TimberJacks and to the league. Would you like to join these players? Click here to sign up!


New TimberJacks Leaderboard Launched!

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

Post created by the team at TimberJacks Shrewsbury

We've revamped our in-venue leaderboard!

At TimberJacks, we strive to make your in-venue experience as thrilling and enjoyable as possible. Therefore, we have just launched our exciting new in-venue leaderboard system, which is free to play for every single player!

We've gone digital - our leaderboard is now online

If you have been to our venue before, you may have spotted our chalkboard leaderboard. That is now gone, and we have simplified the leaderboard format. Everyone now gets to feature on the leaderboard, regardless of score, and best of all, you can view it on our website by clicking here!
Our online leaderboard

Best of all, everyone gets entered into a prize draw

Every leaderboard participant gets automatically entered into our prize draw to win a free TimberJacks Throwing Axe, worth £60! The winner will be one randomly selected participant every month, regardless of result. We run this prize draw every month, and the more times you participate on the leaderboard, the more likely the chance you have of winning. The top three participants at the end of each month will receive a gold, silver or bronze Axe Throwers pin badge respectively.
The top three players each month will recieve one of these pin badges!


Participating on the leaderboard is easy and free. Our venue staff may ask you if you wish to participate on the leaderboard, however if they haven’t, feel free to ask any member of staff. Our staff member will then bring over a mobile device and take a name and e-mail address from you. You will then get 10 throws at the target, which the staff member will score. They will then submit your final score to the leaderboard, the top 10 of which will be displayed on our venue TVs. If you didn’t make the top 10 however, you can still view yourself on the leaderboard on this website! If you wish to have another go, you are more than welcome to! Additional participations are £3 per entry.
Participation is free for all players - why not give it a go?


New League Launched & We’re Recruiting Players

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

Post created by the team at TimberJacks Shrewsbury

The Shrewsbury TimberJacks Axe Throwing League is Back!

You’ve been asking about it since our return from Covid restrictions and we’re pleased to announce that the TimberJacks axe throwing league is back with a difference. We’ve been busy developing the new league system and it is now live and in the early stages of player recruitment.

The Axe Throwing League is Now Team Based - 16 Teams / 64 Players

This time around we decided to make it a team based league so that you can join and play for the same team as your friends. We have created 16 eye catching teams with each hosting 4 players. All you need to do is check for available playing slots and join the team. 

Team player overview (click image to view all teams)

The league is operated over 30 weeks through the course of a season. The majority of matches will be played weekly with some holiday breaks worked into the schedule. Matches will be scheduled for play on both Sunday and Monday evenings. Once all players have been recruited the full timings for the entire schedule of play will be published.

£1000 & Winners Trophy up for Grabs!

The team topping the league table at the close of the 30th week of matches will be crowned winners and receive a cash prize of £1000. They will also receive the TimberJacks League winning trophy and feature across the top of the venue website. This will be for the duration of the following season as reigning champions.

Top finishing team wins £1000 (click image to view league table and fixtures)

Check out The Play Book

Within the league area we’ve created a Play Book detailing all you need to know. 

The Play Book (click image to view the Play Book)

£20 Monthly To Join The League

It makes for a great hobbie and exciting night out. You’ll average 2-3 match nights per month. On each match night you will play four matches each in a best of 3 round format. There is a charge for your team polo shirt of £45 which is collected once all players in the league have been signed up. The monthly league dues are collected by direct debit 7 days prior to the season commencing and monthly thereafter – so nothing to pay until we have recruited all of the players. 

Player polos will also feature player names on the back.

Who can Join

Our league is open to anyone. You can join individually, with your partner, or with any number of friends. Our league invites players of all genders and players aged a minimum of 13 years. We do require players who are below the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This can be either as a spectator or accompanying player.

All hoodies are available in our league store (click image to visit league store)


A ‘Nurse’ Throwing Axes, Beards & More – our Weekly Round-Up

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

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What A WEEK...

As always at TimberJacks Shrewsbury, last week was wild. There’s never a dull moment at our Shropshire-based venue, as we welcomed some amazing characters through our door to try their hand at lobbing axes at the board.

Thrill-Seeking Stags

We always enjoy having stags in for a fun packed session. What better way to celebrate your upcoming marriage than to take your mates Axe Throwing? We see some incredible fancy dress costumes, but this stag’s nurse outfit certainly made our team in Shrewsbury laugh.

Do you know what’s really good about bringing the stag do celebrations to us? We let you bring your own alcohol free of charge! Not only that, but if you’re getting married, we can also feature at your wedding too, through our subsidiary Mobile Axe Throwing!
This nurse administered a prescription of Axe Throwing to his patients

Our Legendary Leaderboard...

The players on this leaderboard are not here to mess around. We thought that March 2022’s high score couldn’t be beaten, but in February, the highest scoring player, Anthony, managed to get 91 in only ten throws! Now that is impressive.

But the question is, who is going to take the leaderboard spot for March?! Will we see a player hitting a maximum of 100? Maybe it will be you? Why not head down to our venue for yourself and see if you can smash it!
Do you reckon you could better this?

Channelling your inner Lumberjack!

These two ladies had a great 60 minute session together in Shrewsbury! The throws were a bit hit and miss to begin with, but as soon as those beards were put on they meant business.

We always take advantage of a great photo opportunity because we love sharing our awesome throwers with everyone online!
They look beard-ly good in these beards!

TimberJacks Tournaments!

Exclusive to party bookings only, our tournaments are guaranteed to bring out your competitive side as you challenge your friends and family.

A six-round game, where the highest scoring player will win a TimberJacks Tee!

Our team will score the tournament and reveal the results at the end of your session. It’s all to play for, everybody loves a t-shirt!
Shrewsbury venue in full swing

Axe throwing for date night?

This is the question you should definitely be asking your other half!

Axe throwing is a great activity to do during the week for date night, it is something different but exciting.

It brings out your more competitive side whilst having a blast with your partner. We cannot recommend it enough. Get booking!
This couple made their date more axe-citing with Axe Throwing


Axe Throwing Venue Ecstatic to be Reaching 5 Year Anniversary!

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

TimberJacks Shrewsbury

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It's been a funny week!

With our Shrewsbury axe throwing venue nearly reaching its five-year anniversary, it’s safe to say we haven’t seen this before. This axe became sandwiched between our safety netting. This really was a one-in-a-million chance and worthy of a photo!

Axe sandwiched between the safety mesh

Post-Xmas Parties Coming to an End!

We would like to thank all of our customers who chose to have their works Christmas parties with us this year. January and February tend to be the peak of the work celebrations with so many of you choosing to do it in the New Year. Still more axe throwing parties to come and we look forward to welcoming some more fantastic groups soon. To book your corporate party event please click here>

Posing for the finishing works group photo

Axes Can Break - But Rarely Like This!

The team at TimberJacks Shrewsbury were left scratching their heads when one of our players managed to embed an axe in the board minus the handle. The handle lay just below on the floor. The team did not hesitate in halting play to get a photo – and needless to say, it still counted as an important bullseye strike!

Probably a one in a million chance of this happening again!

Hammering The Kids PArties!

With the recent introduction of our kids and teens axe throwing parties this year across all of the TimberJacks venues, we were pleased to see how well the hammerschlagen went down with this family group. Three generations of this family participated in this fun yet frustrating game of seeing who can hit their nail into the wood the furthest! Hammerschalgen can be added to your party by choosing the ‘In-game Extras’ package. If you would like to book your kids and teens axe throwing party please click here >

This family thoroughly enjoyed giving Hammerschlagen a go...

Our Hoodies Are Flying Out!

We’re amazed at just how popular our hoodies are across all of our venues and especially with the kids! It says all it needs to say – and they represent a sense of achievement when taken away following a successful session of axe throwing. We’re currently working towards extending the range available in venues but nothing quite compares to our own TimberJacks branded hoodie available in either black or orange.

Our branded hoodie in striking Orange. Stand out from the crowd with this one!