Welcome to TimberJacks Leagues and we thank you for taking the time to read our playbook.

We’re very busy at the moment seeking new players and we’d love for you to join one of our teams – whether individually or with some friends. Our first season is going to be a blast and we promise to organise some great socials too along the way.

If anything is unclear or you have a particular question then please do drop us a line – we’ll be happy to help. 

Our league is open to anyone. You can join individually, with your partner, or with any number of friends. Our league invites players of all genders and players aged a minimum of 13 years. We do require players who are below the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This can be either as a spectator or accompanying player.

The cost per player is £20 per month for 12 months paid by direct debit. This will cover a complete season. Once all players are recruited and the start date of the league is published, all players will receive an email invitation to complete their direct debit mandate. Payments will begin to debit 7 days prior to the first match week and monthly thereafter.

In addition to the monthly fees, players are required to purchase their team player polo shirts. All players will receive a payment link in the amount of £45 via SMS message. This will happen once we have recruited all of the players into the league.

There are 16 teams in the league with each team hosting four players. Each team will play all other teams twice in a season totalling 30 matches played over 30 weeks.

The team topping the league table at the close of the 30th week of matches will be crowned winners and receive a cash prize of £1000. They will also receive the TimberJacks League winning trophy and feature across the top of the venue website. This will be for the duration of the following season as reigning champions. 

Matches are played either on a Sunday or Monday evening every week. Eight teams will compete on a match night. Four teams will play at 7pm and a further four teams will play at 8.30pm. All fixture dates will be published prior to the season commencing.

Breaks in play will occur throughout the season. These will include a Summer break and both Christmas and Easter.

Players are allowed to practice on non-matchplay lanes prior to their games. When a match begins one practice throw is given in each round. Each player will play each of the opposing team players in a best-of-three-round match. Where a win is determined in the first two rounds the third round will not be played. Each round consists of 10 throws and the highest score wins.

In the event of an equal score at the end of a 10-throw round, the winner will be determined via a bullseye sudden death. Upon achieving a win the player earns 1 point for the team. On a match night, there are 16 points in total up for grabs. To win the match night as a team, 9 or more points need to be earned.

Gameplay axes are provided by the venue. All axes are identical and maintained by TimberJacks. Players can purchase their own dedicated matchplay axe to the same specification from us which can be personalised with handle grips.

Our target boards are made up of four scoring rings achieving 1-4 points. The bullseye is worth 5 points. The top left and right blue dots are worth 10 points. The maximum possible score in a 10-throw round is 100 points. 

The ranking of teams within the league table is determined by the individual points players earn for the team. In the event of a points tie, the number of team match night wins becomes the tiebreak.

Every player features within their team area on our league website. Their dedicated player space features a player stat box that counts matches played, total wins, and the player’s average round throw score across the season.

If a player cannot attend a match night the game cannot be rescheduled.

Players are permitted to miss a match provided a player absence notification is submitted no more than 2 days prior to the absence. Players can do this up to 6 times throughout the season.

If a player fails to show and has not submitted an absence notification we operate a three-strike rule. Upon the third strike, a player will forfeit their position in their team.

If a reserve player cannot be organised for an absent team player the team will forfeit all games missed by the absent player. 

Reserves are players waiting to join the league pending team openings. However, they can also jump into any team to cover a player’s absence helping to build a reserve player’s round average. This is particularly useful when teams assess drafting a new player because of anothers departure.

Our venues are closed for regular play sessions, but we do welcome spectators. Play begins at 7pm and finishes around 10pm. 

We stock a wide range of pre-packaged sandwiches in our catering fridges, snacks, and a wide range of hot and cold beverages. Perfect if you’ve not had a chance to grab anything before your match!

Players can cancel their league participation at any time. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll cancel your direct debit.

When a player cancels their league participation, the team can draft a new player from the reserves bank.