New League Launched & We’re Recruiting Players

The Shrewsbury TimberJacks Axe Throwing League is back! You’ve been asking about it since our return from Covid restrictions and we’re pleased to announce that the TimberJacks axe throwing league is back with a difference. We’ve been busy developing the new league system and it is now live and in the early stages of player recruitment.

The Axe Throwing League is Now Team Based - 16 Teams / 64 Players

This time around we decided to make it a team based league so that you can join and play for the same team as your friends. We have created 16 eye catching teams with each hosting 4 players. All you need to do is check for available playing slots and join the team. 

Team player overview (click image to view all teams)

The league is operated over 30 weeks through the course of a season. The majority of matches will be played weekly with some holiday breaks worked into the schedule. Matches will be scheduled for play on both Sunday and Monday evenings. Once all players have been recruited the full timings for the entire schedule of play will be published.

£1000 & Winners Trophy up for Grabs!

The team topping the league table at the close of the 30th week of matches will be crowned winners and receive a cash prize of £1000. They will also receive the TimberJacks League winning trophy and feature across the top of the venue website. This will be for the duration of the following season as reigning champions.

Top finishing team wins £1000 (click image to view league table and fixtures)

Check out The Play Book

Within the league area we’ve created a Play Book detailing all you need to know. 

The Play Book (click image to view the Play Book)

£20 Monthly To Join The League

It makes for a great hobbie and exciting night out. You’ll average 2-3 match nights per month. On each match night you will play four matches each in a best of 3 round format. There is a charge for your team polo shirt of £45 which is collected once all players in the league have been signed up. The monthly league dues are collected by direct debit 7 days prior to the season commencing and monthly thereafter – so nothing to pay until we have recruited all of the players. 

Player polos will also feature player names on the back.

Who can Join

Our league is open to anyone. You can join individually, with your partner, or with any number of friends. Our league invites players of all genders and players aged a minimum of 13 years. We do require players who are below the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This can be either as a spectator or accompanying player.

All hoodies are available in our league store (click image to visit league store)