BY TimberJacks Shrewsbury

BY TimberJacks Shrewsbury

Axe Throwing Venue Ecstatic to be Reaching 5 Year Anniversary!

With our Shrewsbury axe throwing venue nearly reaching its five-year anniversary, it’s safe to say we haven’t seen this before. This axe became sandwiched between our safety netting. This really was a one-in-a-million chance and worthy of a photo!

Axe sandwiched between the safety mesh

Post-Xmas Parties Coming to an End!

We would like to thank all of our customers who chose to have their works Christmas parties with us this year. January and February tend to be the peak of the work celebrations with so many of you choosing to do it in the New Year. Still more axe throwing parties to come and we look forward to welcoming some more fantastic groups soon. To book your corporate party event please click here.
Posing for the finishing works group photo

Axes Can Break - But Rarely Like This!

The team at TimberJacks Shrewsbury were left scratching their heads when one of our players managed to embed an axe in the board minus the handle. The handle lay just below on the floor. The team did not hesitate in halting play to get a photo – and needless to say, it still counted as an important bullseye strike!

Probably a one in a million chance of this happening again!

Hammering The Kids PArties!

With the recent introduction of our kids and teens axe throwing parties this year across all of the TimberJacks venues, we were pleased to see how well the hammerschlagen went down with this family group. Three generations of this family participated in this fun yet frustrating game of seeing who can hit their nail into the wood the furthest! Hammerschalgen can be added to your party by choosing the ‘In-game Extras’ package. If you would like to book your kids and teens axe throwing party please click here.
This family thoroughly enjoyed giving Hammerschlagen a go...

Our Hoodies Are Flying Out!

We’re amazed at just how popular our hoodies are across all of our venues and especially with the kids! It says all it needs to say – and they represent a sense of achievement when taken away following a successful session of axe throwing. We’re currently working towards extending the range available in venues but nothing quite compares to our own TimberJacks branded hoodie available in either black or orange.

Our branded hoodie in striking Orange. Stand out from the crowd with this one!